Uidea Tool Tech Company Limited is a leading tooling and molding company providing a wide range of molding services to different needs. Whatever your design, we will help you give it a physical form, using the state of art machines and best practices. Our expertise includes rapid tooling, rapid injection molding, plastic injection molding, injection molding, export standard plastic mold making, mass production injection molding and secondary operations. And our services are widely used for electronics, household appliances, automotive, medical devices, packaging etc.


Simply providing molding services is not what we are known for. We are more than your molding partner. So we also provide our clients with reliable pre-molding assistance. We can help you with design and engineering parts if you need. Our design experts will assist you to craft a design for your product, who have hands-on the best design practices and state-the-of-art tools.

Whatever your need or whatever purposes you need molds, our molding services are designed to deliver you the products that could bring you the best result.

So we first analyze your requirements and business type and all such things that help us make molds that work for you.


Whatever your need, be it injection mold, plastic injection mold or any such things, we commit to deliver the best, and within a time frame result. So for each project we dedicate a team which comprises of mold making engineers, mold design experts and other professionals specialized in an area of the process it takes to make superior quality molds in a time-bound manner.

Moreover, they have rigorous hands-on the best in the class technology and equipment that help make molds with the highest precision.  Our mold making services are highly sought-after for automobile, health, medical, and consumer goods industry.

Looking for mold making services that can help you turn your design into a quality product?  Call us right now.



Equipped with advanced machining and tooling machines, we are capable of building molds – from precision small-size to 5 tons big-size injection molds. We have expertise in crafting precision hot runner mold, die casting, gas-assisted mold, two shot, and stack to unscrewing molds.

Also, we are expert in building rapid prototype tooling, small to medium automotive molds, multi-cavity molds, and over mold.



Two or multi-shot molds are a cost-effective mold making method. It is mainly used to produce plastic products where more than two colors or more than two kinds of materials are to be molded at the same time.

Two shot mold helps enhance the aesthetics of the products and create the highest precision thereby eliminating post-molding assemblies cost. It is the best choice for where the precision of a product is of high concern.

So if you are looking for a partner to build two-shot molds, Uidea Tool Tech Company Limited, which has vast experience in two shot molds, is the right choice for you.


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This mold making method is used when a large quantity of production is required. It helps enhance output efficiency, lower machine size requirement, and reduce the overall cost of product molding.

UTT has expertise in multi-stack molds. Whether you want two-stock mold, three-stock, four-stock or five-stock mold, we have experience and tools to build stocks conforming to your requirements.

We, at UTT, have a team of highly experienced experts in the plastic injection industry who help us deliver any demand for product molding.

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Most threaded plastic parts on m5娱乐注册官方线路m5娱乐注册地址网址 cannot easily be ejected using standard knock-off techniques. When these parts are coming off the plastic injection molds they must be unscrewed from the mold to avoid thread damage.

So Unscrewing Mould is used to produce products with internal or external threads. In this method, a small drive system consisting of a rack, gear, hydraulic motor or hydraulic cylinder is used.

If you need to build unscrewing products, you can rely on UTT, one of the most trusted products molding companies with expertise Unscrewing Mould.


What type and how much molds you want, we will meet your need. We have world class manufacturing unit equipped with cutting-edge infrastructure. Also, our experienced professionals help us deliver the best quality. They are certified engineers, quality testers, and project managers. They will design mold according to your needs while quality testers check the quality of the products. We dedicate a project manager to each project to ensure you receive your products on time.

With world-class infrastructure and equipment such as an injection molding machine, we will deliver your project even in a tight deadline.


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